Most unique marriage in Gujarat

People finds many news ways to remain in news by doing something new.

While marriage is very precious moment of anyone’s life, everyone want to make this event a most memorable event of their life.

Gujarat witnessed most unique marriage ceremony in which a couple got married in just 16 minutes. This is a unique record. No bands, no reception, no invotees. Only necessary rituals of the community was done in the marriage. Elders gathered to give blessings to the couple. With the teachings of Sant Rampal Maharaj this marriage ceremony has become an preaching for the society.

Rohitbhai told that marriage of Bhagat patel and Rushita Patel of Rameni Samaj were fixed. To get rid of unnecessary expenses of many traditions prevailing in the society the couple decided to get married in a unique way. In this marriage there is no dowry(dahej), no bands, no mahendi, no brahmin, no jyotshi, no reception, no DJ, no jewelries, no garland and also no makeup. This gives a very good message to the society.  He also added that only pictures of Sant and Guru were used and within 16 minutes all the ceremony were concluded. According to Sant Rampal Maharaj, by adopting this rituals society can get rid of intoxication and bad rituals prevailing in the society and the society will be on the way to become more happy.

Check out the pictures of their short and sweet marriage ceremony.

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