Moped for Dirgh diamond workers !

A journalist’s conference has been organized by Dirgh Diamond for the loyalty award. In 2010, the company started working in a rented house with 500 employees working in Surat and Mumbai with the company. Who are all known as them Diamond family. With the constant endeavor of the successive company, the company has decided to give 125 two wheelers to all the employees.
The company, which started in 2010, is today a company with a turnover of 400 million tonnes. After which the lion’s contribution to the old employees of the company has been contributing.
125 employees will be given the moped by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dakesh Thakher. The company has been associated with many social works for years.51b98237-588e-4364-ad28-0fe0ca08c6b6 817d6d32-5e45-4f95-92ac-9a242b3767c6 68599e27-872e-4cf5-8f3d-f6814af682d7 328258f0-8e29-4ef3-8b79-386caa98b429 dirgh diamond

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