‘Modi Bags’ From Surat To Woo Voters In Bihar Elections

Surti sari makers are now gearing up for the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar. As many as 10 lakh sari bags with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture printed in background of Bihar state map is ready to be sent to Patna.

At least 25 sari traders from various textile markets in the city have formed a syndicate to supply their branded saris packed in the specialized non-woven bags manufactured locally.

During 2014 Lok Sabha elections, these traders had customized sari boxes with the image of the then BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi. This time around the traders have printed bags with Modi’s picture and slogan ‘Sabka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’ and the name of the sari brands.

Kailash Agarwal, who owns Radhey Radhey Sari and Himani Fashion and an ardent supporter of Modi, said, “I am not alone. There are 25 traders in the market who are doing similar branding exercise in Bihar. The Modi bag designs are the same, only the names of the sari brands are altered. I have printed 50,000 bags, out of which 5,000 have already been dispatched to sari traders in Patna.”

Ashok Khaitan, owner of Supriya Fashion said, “We have printed 75,000 Modi bags and are insisting the traders there to sell the saris along with the Modi bags to create a lasting impression on the women customers. We remember last year’s Lok Sabha election where such bags had created lasting impression on the voters.” A non-woven bag manufacturer at Ring Road Manish Patel said, “We manufacture non-woven biodegradable shopping bags, specially for the sari traders. I have customized order for 2.5 lakh Modi bags for different traders.”

Each bags cost Rs 6 which includes the customized printing by the manufacturers. The traders have set the target to supply more than 10 lakh Modi Bags.

There are over 165 textile markets in the city housing over 65,000 textile shops. The daily turnover of the saris and dress material is pegged at Rs 110 crore.

Market sources said that around Rs 70 crore worth of saris are dispatched everyday from Surat to various destinations including Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Kolkata and Punjab. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh command Rs 15 crore worth of daily business in saris.

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