Liquor Party Raided, Well-Known People of City Caught With Alcohol.

Many well-known persons of the city were caught in a raid by local police in the late night, as there was an illegal liquor party going on.
Police conducted the raid on the Amprapali Row House where an Illegal liquor party was going on. Many well-known persons were caught including Government employees. One of them is Vinod Maisuriya who was caught enjoying the liquor party with other ten people. All were sent to the Civil Hospital for Medical Inspection.
Actually, it was birthday party which converted into Alcohol party. All the family members of the accused were also present on the premises with their children. It is believed that some had tipped the police because of some internal conflict. The names of the arrested are:
Mahesh Ratilal Maisuriya
Jatin Naresh
Anil Hasmukh
Vipul Pravinchandra
Sudhir Gaman Tailor
Amrut Babu Maisuriya
Vinodchandra Ratilal Maisuriya
Alpesh Soma Maisuriya




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