Mobile Shop Targeted Again, Smartphones worth 30 lakhs Stolen.

In the Palanpur Patiya Area of Surat, Rahul Mobile shop was robbed in the early morning at around 5 am. The Thieves stole only the Smartphones rather than other mobile accessories and simple mobiles. However, the smartphones that had been stolen by the thieves amounted to Rs. 25 to 30 lakhs. When the Owner of the mobile shop opened the shop he found the mobiles and others goods misplaced and lying on the ground. He immediately contacted police and reported the robbery.

The CCTV of the shop was unable to capture the thieves in action as it was switched off when the shop keeper turned off the main switch. The thieves seemed to know that CCTV are not working and they seemed confident while robbing. But luck was not in their favor as they were captured on CCTV of the adjacent shop. Police are investigating the incident based on that footage.

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