Laptop and Hard-drive Stolen from A Car in Broad Day Light, CCTV Captures the Action

On the Ring road, Surat a robbery was committed in a car. With the help of a duplicate key, a robber opened the car parked on the road and took away a laptop, hard drive and other things lying in the car. The products that were stole amounted to nearly Rs.34 thousand.

Bharatkumar Lilabhai Shiyani who resides at Ambavadi, Ahmedabad arrived by car in Surat for some business related matter. When he parked his park opposite to Sugar and Spice restaurant, this robbery happened. However, robbers were caught on CCTV and footage was submitted to Police. In the footage, three robbers somehow managed to open the car door and stole Rs.34 thousand worth things from the car. Police have registered the complaint and investigating based on CCTV footage.


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