India’s Most Beautiful River Ghats

India is a land of holy beautiful rivers and their banks on which we used to pray. Lets have a look on India’s most beautiful River Ghats.

1. Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi


Dashashwamedh Ghat is located close to Vishwanath Temple, and is probably the most spectacular ghat. Two Hindu mythologies are associated with it: According to one, Lord Brahma created it to welcome Lord Shiva. According to another, Lord Brahma sacrificed ten horses in a yajna here. A group of priests daily perform in the evening at this ghat.

2. Varaha Ghat, Pushkar


Varaha Ghat is named after Lord Vishnu. The sacred water, according to locals here, is said to have properties that can cure many skin diseases.

3. Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi


According to a legend, in order to keep Lord Shiva from moving around with his devotees, his consort Goddess Parvati hid her earrings, and asked him to find them, saying that they had been lost on the banks of the Ganges. Goddess Parvati’s idea was that Lord Shiva would then stay around, searching forever for the lost earrings. In this legend, whenever a body gets cremated at the Manikarnika Ghat, Lord Shiva asks the soul whether it has seen the earrings.

4. Triveni Ghat, Rishikesh


Triveni Ghat, a confluence of three holy significant Rivers the Ganges, the Yamuna and the Saraswathi, is a most revered sacred bathing spot in Rishikesh and is situated on the banks of Ganges River. It‘s believed that, those who take a dip by the Triveni Ghat will be free from all sins and purify every human.

5. Scindia Ghat, Varanasi



Scindia Ghat. also known as Shinde Ghat. borders Manikarnika to the north, with its Shiva temple lying partially submerged in the river as a result of excessive weight of the ghat’s construction about 150 years ago. Legend has it that Agni, the Hindu God of Fire. was born here.

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