Indian Driving License is valid in these countries to drive

Driving has to be the best way to travel. You can leave whenever you want, stop when you feel like it and reach your destination without needing to change your mode of transportation. But the best bit is that you get to see landscapes that you won’t be able to on a flight or a train.
This is best experienced when travelling abroad. Car rental services are quite common and road infrastructure is brilliant. Here’s a list of countries where you can just show up and drive off on your Indian drivering licence.

1. Germany

You can drive in Germany for up to six months of entering the country on an Indian licence. You will also need a translation of the licence from the embassy. Having an International Driver’s Permit is handy too. Drive on right.

2. United Kingdom

You are allowed to drive anywhere in Great Britain up to a period of one year on a valid driving licence.

3. United States of America

The country is best explored by road and you can drive here for a year, as long as your licence is in English. If it’s in one of the local languages, you’ll require an IDP to go along with it.

4. France

The country allows foreigners to drive for a year on their local driver’s licence, but will require them to have a French translation.

5. Australia

As long as you are just visiting, you are allowed to drive on your Indian licence, but it should be in English. You are also required to carry an IDP.

6. Switzerland

Visitors are allowed to drive in the picturesque country for a year on their respective driver’s licence.

7. New Zealand

The small country in the Pacific is full of great driving roads and lets visitors drive for a year on their home country’s driving licence. You are also restricted to the kind of vehicle that your licence is valid for.


Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), allows foreign visitors to drive on their home countrys license for a year. However, you are only permitted to drive the class of vehicle (small motor vehicle, motorcycle etc) which your license permits. London to Dover, Edinburgh to Isle of Skye this country is a dream destination for road trips.


South Africa is perfect for jumping in the car and hitting the tarmac. It’s easy to navigate, with tempting freeways leading out of the cities, and it packs a spherical lunch box of scenery – from snowy mountains to sandy beaches. With African villages and picturesque settler towns for resting your mount, you’ll never get tired of the road trips. Take the Clarence Drive from Gordons Bay to Rooi-Els, make sure you are camera ready in case a whale lifts its tail as you wind your way around the 22 kilometres of this breathtaking coastal drive. Just make sure your Indian driving license is valid, is entirely in English and it has your photo and signature.


Indian nationals can drive its roads for three months after entering the countryas long as their license is valid. Discover modern architecture and experience inspiring fjord, mountain and coastal scenery by driving one of Norway’s 18 National Tourist Routes. The longest takes up to 18 days and takes you past ten of Fjord Norway’s biggest attractions, including the Trollstigen mountain road and the Geirangerfjord.

Most countries dont insist on International Driving Permit (IDP), IDPs are valid for one year, and issued easily, hence it is advisable to have one.

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