Illegal agents were detected for Income Certificate

In the areas of Surat at Varaccha and Puna along with different locations without any proof some people have illegally opened offices in the mechanism of release income certificate with agents and the video has been leaked and went viral. To take the benefit of Right to education (RTE) and Maa Vatsalya Card along with various government schemes thousands of students have been fooled around and also it has been come to known that various others government employees are also connected to this scandal.

The various NGO organisations have informed that a lot of parents have come with the complaint of income certificate they have been charged Rs700 to Rs. 1000 and after the investigation it has been come to known that in the areas of varracha and puna more than 7 offices are doing this illegal activity for Rs. 1000 and within 8 hours on the proof of Adhar Card, Voting Card and Light Bill the income certificate has been issued. Those affected were quick detected through the sting operation.

To add on, when they have gone to talati officer they came to know that for this income certificate various documents are required and the government officers take minimum 7 to 15 days to issues the same which are given out without any government fees in all instances.

In addition, said that, in this regard, he also met the Office who sits in the Ac offices, who were issuing the same patterns of certificate to people in which some of the examples were also which are made on the proof only of Adhar Card and Light bill.

This is the matter to be thought upon and questioned today that these types of scandals are going in various centres today and the request has been sent to the organisation in written to act upon.






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