Husband Found Hanging While His Wife lay Unconscious by His Side.

A couple residing in the Ranveri Village of Valod Region was found in an unusual way at their home. They resides in Sadfaliya and the name of the husband was Shailesh Chaudhary and his wife name is Rashila Chaudhary. Shailesh was found hanging in the room like he committed suicide. He was found dead while his wife was found beside the body and her legs were burnt till knees. She was semi-conscious. Her neck has the marks of a stronghold from the rope. She was taken to Civil Hospital for treatment in 108 ambulance service.

The neighbors said that it might be the case of a domestic quarrel. When police investigated the scene they said the scenario might be that first of all husband tried to kill his wife and when he was confident that she is not alive anymore, he committed suicide. However, every true detail would come to light once the wife receives treatment and regains health.


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