How to turn ON your Girlfriend?

Valentine’s month has started and many has already started preparation for making their valentine’s day memorable.

whether you are single or have girlfriend, we have some tips that can defiantly help you getting your girl or if you already have one, make her feel on the top of world:-

1)She would love it if you could look into her eyes and make her feel wanted without saying a word… Express your love and passion for her in subtle yet mesmerizing ways!

2)Never forget to wear an enticing perfume when you go to meet her. A good fragrance can turn her on even when she is not so happy or may be pissed off with you. She may not admit it, but that’s how it is!


3) Kiss her forehead– make her feel that you take pride in the fact that she is yours! Women love the feeling of belongingness, something about it gives them an inexpressible high feeling.

4)Play with her hair… That moment when you run your fingers through her hair, it simply triggers all those hormones in her body! Simply try moving those stray strands of her hair from her face to the back of her ear and watch her smile..

5)Whisper into her ears–slowly get close to her face to say something right into her ears with that soft husky voice of yours; she would love it!

6)Your breath is one of those simple nothings that can actually ignite all her senses in a jiffy. Breathe slowly on to her skin especially the back of the ear, the neck, and her shoulder.


7)Gently hold her from behind when she is engrossed in her own thoughts, kiss her shoulder or gently massage her back!

8)Embrace her waist without haste! Touch her gently around her waist or plant a kiss on her navel and watch her shiver!


9)Be playful… Caress her legs… Entangle them with yours. Move your fingers around her thighs all the way up to her feet.

10)When she is turned on well enough, don’t forget to pleasure her selflessly! Make her feel on top of the world, let her feel that ecstasy that only you can give to her!



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