Hindu Conference in Ahmedabad, close protection by the VHP on GMDC Ground

Ahmedabad: Vishwa Hindu Parishad has organized a conference at Gujarat Hindu Ground today. The VHP President Praveen Togadia, joint general secretary Surendra Jain, Manoj Verma, president of the Bajrang Dal, the leaders will address the convention, including nautamasvami Vadtal temple.

Program aimed at young people are coming to the convention by the Hindus is to resolve problems, city bike rally. Consecration prabhatacokathi bike rally will be held, which will connect the youth with more vehicles than 1. VHP to make the convention a success rested employing more than 500 workers. The program will be presented at the beginning of the Maya Hemant Chauhan drawn and hymn-east At. Two years ago, this convention was held at the football ground.

1500 police personnel have been deployed for the security of Gujarat grounds. As part of the security zone in which it is given the responsibility of the police stations 1 and 7 800 police, SRP, kyuarati in. On the other hand, if disrupted traffic in the city is taking care of 200 traffic policemen for it. When all systems are overseen by Piyush Patel avakase JCP Sector-1.

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