Health care center negligence, two-and-a-half-year-old child dies due to bed break

A baby girl died on the spot on Thursday (March 23) falling from the swing at Surat’s Limbuet Health Center.

The child’s mother Vandana Vijay Verma had come to the Health Center on Tuesdays (March 21st) to get the family planning operation. In the night, she slept with her two-month-old daughter on an iron bed. In the morning, he tied a cloth to the corners of the bed and made a hammock and gave it to the child. Vandana sat on the ground and began to shake the swing of clothes, so that the child sleeps. The bolts of the beds were loose, the bolt went out and the bed was broken. The child fell down from the bed break, which promptly killed him. Dr. Ashish Naik, Chief Medical Officer of Surat Municipal Corporation said that the matter is in our cognition. In this regard, we will issue a show-cause notice to Nurse Sonal Christie and Dr. Tanulata Pavagari of Health Center. The police has registered the case and started investigations.

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