Head of Cow in Middle of the Road, Outrage among Locals.

Some individuals whose sole intention were to disrupt peace in the neighborhood committed the most heinous act. Some mischievous mongers left the head of a cow in the middle of the road. People were outraged to see this. The locals organized a protest by closing all shops and sitting near the head of the cow.
The incident occurred at the Bhavan Park society near Limbayat Gadhadra. In the early morning of Monday, people found the head of the cow in the middle of the road. Locals were outraged on seeing this and decided to protest this heinous act. The local traders closed their shops and joined the protest. After hearing about this situation police personals were moved to that area for maintaining a peaceful protest. Many of the Cow Worshippers joined the protest after being acknowledged with the incident. They demanded a strict action against this crime.
The volunteers from the Bajrang Dal also rushed to the Incident scene. They also demanded a swift and hard actions against those who committed this act. By chanting the name of Lord Rama they expressed their dismay.

But according to some source the head belonged to a dead calf who was thrown in one of the plot near the Bhavana Park by calf’s caretaker. The stray dogs were feeding on the dead calf for 3-4 days. Moreover, it was the stray dogs who brought the dead calf head in the middle of the road.
But the people were outraged and started destroying properties of the surrounding. Many shops were set aflame and burned. The Police has taken control of the situation by Lathicharge and firing tear-gas. At least 15 tear gas shells have been fired to maintain peace. One the police officers has also been injured and has been shifted to hospital for recovery.



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