Hardik Patel reacted on being declared WANTED

The leader Hardik Patel on the order of high court has visited the crime branch on ninth Thursday. Informing media he said that I am not accused of the naliyakand that they order me in Ahmedabad Vastralaya Corporate declared wanted for the same. Also he said blaming bhajap sarkar that various robbers and mobs have created a scene to stop the andolan and the picture of bhagat singh was wrongly presented. He said that I am not afraid of anyone nor I have hide my self that I have bee declared wanted. He added the police are working on the behalf of Bhajap party.

They can arrest me anytime then why they are declaring me as wanted? He blamed badly bhajap sarkar and said that the government is playing a game to stop the andolan and creating a scene of hindu muslim society and spreading policlinics. He added that Bhagat scene has been framed wrongly in the history by Bhajap sarkar and RSS people. He said in Surat scene Convenier Alpesh KAthriya wasn’t arrested in the past due to this policitcs as the government has declared the wrong case for him thats why he still isn’t arrested however he is eligible for the same.

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