Government gives the a fee for educating Muslim children, the Koli-Patel Thakor, why not? : Togadia

However, the world in the name of ‘Hindu the first’ at the ground in Gujarat by Hindu Parishad Hindu convention is held. Which is currently attended by a large number of Bajrang Dal, a Hindu sangathananona including VHP activists.
Pravin Togadia shall present workers Ayodhya Ram temple called banaegana slogan. He said that the center needs to be made with the approval of the Somnath temple to ayodhyamam. The needs for government bills. India Temple and multi-risk daughters. Hindus have been from 86 to 80 per cent, 49 per cent of the time to think not. “
Summit has been presented with a demand for requisition of 12 Hindus by VHP-security and prosperity. Which have been submitted requests for the Hindus especially farmers, students and young people with ayodhyamam Ram temple. The program was introduced at the beginning of Maya Hemant Chauhan drawn and hymn-east At.
Togadia spoke to a handful of grain to speak at the convention action plan for Hindus. He said, I want a handful of grain from the grain, 20 million Hindus will be free and honored with the poor Hindus. With this, he was called to help to teach Hindu children.
Yogi Aditya will bharose of Ram temple’

Speaking from the stage sarasapura ramajimandirana akhilesadasaji Maharaj, a 10-year sentence for the provision of state praised the government received Rupani cow slaughter. He also said that the state will bharose Yogi Aditya Ram temple.

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