Girl slipped out of the train found dead

The student of Vivekanand College in Limbayat who was going in a train, all sudden pushed out of the train and was found dead.

Telangana place in varangaal she was giving her inter petition exams and was coming back to Surat with her father, She was standing nearby the door of the train.

Due to wet hands she slipped out of the door and was thrown away at the track due to which she was found dead. On hearing this sad news of Jyoti, the atmosphere around the college also mourned.

Mr. Shrirangam Manchiktala, (father of dead girl) informed that they were native to the village of origin telanganana varangalana and staying in surat parvat village.

He added he is working as a craftsman in the mill and performing living with two daughters and a son.

Jyoti was the student of Vivekananda College in the second year and was giving exams of Inter petition. So they visited their homeland on the 20th of February. During that time jyoti was standing beside the door of the train with wet hands and all sudden she fell down from the train and there was a chaos.

In addition, the train TT was also present over there, who tried to control the situation. However, she slipped out of his hand and was badly injured. The TT then immediately calls the train driver and informed to stop the train.

She was then immediately moved to the civil hospital and was declared dead from the Hospital for further treatment.

This news have mourned the atmosphere in the college and family.

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