Newely married wife Abducted by her family members..

The young man who lived in Sahaj Imperia, Singanpur area, made a love marriage. Following the allegation of the love affair of the girl’s family, more than 10 people from her husband’s house were brought and lifted. The whole incident has been imprisoned in CCTV. In the event of kidnapping, police investigations have started.
Ravi Kanhaiya (U.V. 25) lives with the family in Sahaj Imperia, on Singapor Road. And working with a father in a clothing shop located at Vaderoad. Ravi has shared a love with a girl named Princes. So the family of Princes was against this marriage. So on April 19, Ravi’s wife Priyanka was kidnapped by more than 10 people, including her parents. However, the incident of kidnapping was imprisoned in the CCTV of the apartment.

After being converted into a love marriage a year ago, the courts were also married in the temple with marriage. The couple did not like the couple’s love for the year before the temple, and the couple’s love for the couple was not appreciated 4 months ago. However, the victim’s family was often given threats to the boy and his family. However, no male or female complaint was received by the youth, 7 men and 4 women from the family of the woman reached home of Ravi. Where the girl was alone abducted . Ravi has filed a complaint with the Chukbajar police, which led to the investigation. Now the girl’s family has gone away with the girl.


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