Damn creative bathroom signs across the world

Some people put a lot of thought and creativity into the “toilet business” (no pun intended). Instead of the usual “Ladies” and “Gents”, here are some of the creative bathroom signs that guide you to the loo.

Here are some Creative Bathroom Signs From Across The World That Show Creativity. Sure they could have used boring “Men” and “Women” signs, but the masterminds behind these clever creations have decided that toilets deserve better than that. Only problem is, some of them are so creative that you might struggle to understand them once you’ve had a beer or seven.

There are some places where time seems to have stopped. Like, the queue for the bar’s bathroom for example. But some have made the wait just a little easier with these creative bathroom sign designs that will hopefully take your mind off the matter at hand. Just make sure you don’t laugh TOO much…

1. Right but not right!! This is what happens to all. Am I right?

creative bathroom signs right left

2. Test your IQ with this design. You might need to go back to your biology class.

creative bathroom signs IQ2

3. This one is for music lovers. The cords all messed up with input and output.

creative bathroom signs music

4. It’s raining men, Hallelujah, it’s raining men!!

creative bathroom signs cloud

5. OOPS can you guess this signs?? Can guess.. Look bit closer the white image on the doors.

creative bathroom signs IQ1

6. BLA BLA BLA – Tell me who is more talkative.. lots and lots of talk and gossips. hahaha..

creative bathroom signs talkative

7. This one from the game zone. A perfect design for gamers.

creative bathroom signs pacman


These designers show us that there is a plethora of different ways to describe women and men with the use of simplistic logos, and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

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