Flesh Trade going on Amidst the Residential Area, 9 Caught by Police.

Flesh trade was being carried out in a rented house of a society in Kapodra, Surat. People were using this prostitution service in the rented house. Police have arrested a total of 9 alleged culprits in which one was just a teen.
Main culprit Bhupat was using social media extensively to promote the flesh trade. He was operating this shameful activity in rented a house in Gayatri society, Kapodra.

The use of social media was done wisely in this racket. The customers would first see the photos of the alleged women prostitutes via social media. Then they would contact the agents and seal the deal. The selected woman would first arrive at the rented house and then the customer would arrive. Society members were unknown to this ongoing crime. The entire deal would be done in 500 Rs. and in that main culprit, Bhupat would take his share. When Police raided the house, there were 4 men and 3 women. One of them was just a teen. So after charging with POSCO ACT, police carried on their investigation.

The list of the arrested individuals:
1) Bhupat Makvana
2) Suresh Dangi
3) Jignesh Dabhi
4) Bheru Khatri
5) Pintu Khatri
6) Ashvin Vaghani

The police are now investigating about the place from where the girls were brought, how many other are involved in this racket and from how long this racket was operational.  Police think that this would help them in catching other operational rackets in the city.


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