Fire in A Hazardous Waste Land Near Pandesara, 15 Rescued.

A plot belonging to Ramesh Thakur containing hazardous chemical clothes and other hazardous waste suddenly caught fire. The fire department was informed quickly and the fire officer rushed to the site quickly. When they reached the plot, it was already on huge fire. They started the effort to control that fire as there was a residential house nearby that plot. The plot is located in the Pandesara region of Surat. The fire was so fierce that more than 14 fire vehicles were called to diminish the fire which was out of control. The fire department from Navsari, Manavdarwaj, Dubhal and from other places was called to the scene to control the fire as soon as possible. The fire was out of control because of the hazardous waste material lying in the plot. The plot is located behind the Chinku dying. However, the residential area near the fire was evacuated as the precautionary measure. The fire department rescued around 15 people which also included children and women.
Rakesh Brahmabhat the fire officer informed that a woman accused someone behind this incident of fire. She said that this fire is caused because they are trying to evacuate this woman from their residents. However, how much truth the woman is saying would only come out after investigation

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