In one of the high rise apartment at Ghoddod Road, there occurred a fire accident. The apartment named Adesshwar at 9th Floor, an old lady was alone at her place during that time all sudden there was a blast in the TV and due to which the furniture was burnt.On receipt of information after the outcry by elderly woman the firemen immediately reached at the spot and overcome the situation.

The Adeshwar Apartment being located in the posh area of Ghoddod road and Mr. Dharmeshbhai Shah residing at 9th floor work as a building contractor, whose mother was alone at the home today and there was all sudden a smoke all around, so she has switched off all the lights and switches.

After few seconds, there was a huge blast in the TV due to which fire spread and there occurred an accident and then it spreads through furniture to furniture resulting in a huge fire occurrence.

Due to all this, the elder women started screaming due to panic and after that the relatives together helped her out and called the fire brigade.

And later they overcame a fire and luckily there was no one hurt and no casualties arise.



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