Gujju sentences you here most of the time from Non-Gujjus

Hello my dear Gujju friends. We have brought few gujju sentences that every Gujarati person hears everyday from a non-gujju person.

Gujju sentences are perfect way to start conversation with any Gujju person. However if these sentences are asked again and again then you would also feel like giving a punch to that person.

Here are some famous gujju sentences. I’m sure you must have faced the situation. feel free to comment your exprience.

1. Hi… umm… kem cho?

2. You must be a vegetarian.

3. Is all your food this sweet?

4. You eat dhoklas, jalebis and fafdas for breakfast?

5. Maaaahhhn! Gujju women are hawt! So, did you have “fun” during Navratri?

6. (When you share your dubba with someone) Is this from last night?

7. (Moms before you leave for school/college/work) Did you take your lunch box, snack box, post-lunch snack box, and post-snack snack box?

8. How do you guys consume so much oil?

9. Hey! How’s your lunch over? But you didn’t even drink chaas!

10. (When leaving for a vacation with friends) You’ve got theplas for the group, right?

11. (At your birthday party) Are we all going to have to chip in?

12. Are you sure you want to come shopping with us? The sales have ended!

13. Your dad must be a businessman, eh?

14. Why is your last name not Patel, Shah or Desai?

15. Do you call your grandmom baa?

16. Dude, you’ve got to give us some finance lessons!

17. Do you live in a joint family?

18. A lot of your uncles must be doing share market, eh?

19. Are you going to settle down in the USA?

20. You must have a haveli somewhere as your ancestral property, right?

21. What do you think about Modi?

Are you a Gujju who has been in such similar instances? Feel free to comment in box below.

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