Family feud, Husband brutally kills his Wife’s Brother with Stone!!!!

In the area near Dabholi on the republic day, a fight broke between the couple. The extent to which the strife reached was very cruel. It resulted in the death of one person belonging to the family.


According to Police Officials, A couple belonging to the Vaghri community resided on the Plot near the Chandan Gas Storage unit, Dabholi. On Thursday night, Raju was beating his wife in front of her brother. To defend his sister, Dinesh started arguing with Raju. Then both of them started fighting. Heated words were also exchanged prior to fighting between them. Dinesh was beaten to death by Raju when Dinesh started to run after a heated argument. Raju used stone and attacked Dinesh on neck, shoulder and head.

When Dinesh’s mother brought him to the SMIMER Hospital, he died because he was  wounded fatally. Dinesh was the only support to his mother after she lost her Husband. This event left the Mother of Dinesh support less, While police are still searching for the whereabouts of Raju.

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