Easy Transportation For Surties By End of 2015

Citizens from Piplod and Vesu are likely to pay more than 100 rupees to travel by auto to Bhagal in the absence of public transport. Which is comparatively more than any public transport service.
All that is likely to change in a few months time with the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) floating tenders for the purchase of 200 city buses in the first phase. With an estimated cost of Rs 50 crore, the civic body is planning to roll out the city bus services from December 2015.

This is likely to provide major relief to the Surat residents who have to rely on autos which charge them heavily. The city buses are likely to reduce the fare by around 30% for travelers who will be able to travel on a single fare and single ticket.

These buses would connect BRTS at interchange stations and will function mainly as feeder route buses in the congested areas of the city. In total, 600 new bus stops will also be built for full-scale connectivity in the city.

Under the comprehensive mass transport (mobility) plan prepared by Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University (Cept), 95% of households would be covered under the plan with availability of a bus stop within 500 meters of their homes. Under this plan, apart from 7 major BRTS routes ( Two operational and other five to begin latest by Diwali ) , 23 routes for city buses have been decided. Also, 18 interchange stations would come up along with two terminals located at Chowk Bazar and Railway station.

The civic body will buy 550, mostly mini buses, in three phases for the purpose of working as feeder buses. All the new buses that are being purchased would be right side buses.

H M Shivanand Swamy, of Cept said, “For the first phase, initial routes have been identified and people will be able to crisscross the different parts of the city on single fare, single ticket using city bus and BRTS services.”

“We are focusing on passenger Information system (PIS). Unlike past, buses would be bought by SMC and given to contractors to operate and there will be series of penalties for norms violations,” said Milind Torwane, municipal commissioner, Surat. “The first aim of public transport is to provide efficient transport service to the people and earning profit next,” he added.


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