In Surat, near udhna teen road, one of the drunk bike rider had hit the couple as well as student who was going to some health casualties and this incidence have gathered crowd over the place.

In the early morning after the event and spreading of alcohol on the road there was a huge chaos.  However, no one was injured in this accident.  But after reporting the incident to the police, the officers have found him with piece of baggage of alcohol.

According to the information given by people, A person living nearby udhna dena bank, BJ Terrace Apartment named Mr. Dindayalbhai, early morning was visiting to the doctors place with his 6 months old child along with his wife, at that time he was hit by a bike rider and also 2 students of 12th Standard was coincidentally hit at that time and was trying to escape from the situation.  In this accident, the innocent child and his mother was badly injured.

Moreover, he added that, in the early hours of the day he was found drunk. Not only with a piece of baggage, native wine and a glut on the road was found due to which many questions were raised.Consignments of alcohol on people trafficking associated with open liquor  thus taking life of many people.

Both the students and the infant were admitted to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.The police reported immediately to that place and although all these events were captured in the camera by local residents.

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