Drinking Water In Surat to be Tested

Water committee of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has asked the health department to collect samples from across the city in coming days. This decision was taken up after alarming increase in number of cases of water borne diseases were found from the city in recent days. Majority of these cases are found from the peripheral areas. These are the areas that are newly included in city limits and SMC water supply network has not reached there as yet. These areas are supplied water by bore wells.

“Recently number of cases of gastroenteritis and loose motion were found from areas like Puna, Limbayat and even Pandesara. Up on investigations it was found that majority of these areas where water borne diseases have spread, use bore well water for drinking purpose. We have decided to collect samples from these wells. We have also taken steps to supply water to these citizens by water tankers.” Said a member of water committee.

According to figures available nearly 30 cases of loose motion and vomiting are being admitted to New Civil Hospital (NCH) from last few days. The number in SMIMER is stated to be about 20 per day.

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