Dead peacocks found in Olpad

Surat: 4 baby peacocks and 1 adult peacock were found semi conscious state today morning in a farm in Olpad area of Surat city. Forest department officials and  veterinary doctor reached the site immediately to treat the birds but before doctors reached 2 of the baby peacocks were already dead, and others died after they were taken to hospital.

Dr. Usmani told that the reason behind the death of the peacocks can be identified only after postmortem report. He added 4 baby peacocks were approximately 9 months old and 1 adult may be 2.5 years old.

Postmortem of 2 will be carried out in Surat, 1 in Navsari and 1 will be sent to Ahemdabad.

Reason of death was found out to be Ranikhet diseases, which is a disease more affected in animal in winter season spreaded because of virus

bird1 bird2 bird3 bird4

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