Clash between society members in Surat

There was clash between members of society on issue of parking in Modal Town park society situated behing Landmark mall in Puna, Surat. Local residents hired goons for beating other party.  A cloth merchant, his wife and nephew were beaten severely by  tho goons. A rioting case was registered in Punagam police station. However the whole incident was captured in CCTV installed in the society

Details: Before five days there was clash between Santlal Tarachand Sharma and Hardasbhai. There after Hardas called goons for beating up Santlal leading to enimosity  with him.

Naresh bhikha and others  in all 10-12 people came in two vehicles and started beating merchant dealer, Mr. Sharma along with his wife and nephew.

Police has registered case against 10 to 15 people for rioting and incited investigation against them on basis of video footage obtained from the CCTV  camera installed in the society

Take a look at the CCTV footage obtained:-



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