Changed Surat of Surat

Patidar reservation movement got worst from day before yesterday in entire state after leader Hardik Patel got arrested. That made state to clamp curfew in many parts of State along with Surat. Meanwhile situation still bit tough in many city along with Surat. To get rid of control over the situation and movement followers city was handed over to the safe hand of military.

Surat, diamond city feeling tense yesterday amid clashes in more than a dozen places between protestors and the police, which has used tear gas to control mobs.

In many areas of the city, crowds of protestors faced off with police teams, throwing stones at the cops and also targeting media personnel present there.

A dairy was set afire and several state-run buses including those belonging the Surat municipal corporation were also attacked.

Around 100 vehicles have been set on fire and government property has been damaged. More than 20 policemen and civilians have been injured in clashes.

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