Ceiling of SMC Tenement Collapses, 21 Victims Reported Including 3 Dead.

The ceiling of SMC Tenement collapsed injuring at least 21 people. The casualty in the incident includes three women according to the Municipal Commissioner who visited the civil hospital where all the victims were admitted.

After the Incident, all the injured were rushed to the Civil Hospital. The Municipal Commissioner, Shri M. Thennarasan visited all the injured and their family members at the Hospital immediately after the incident, even though it was a late night. He also met the family members of the deceased victims. Other’s to visit and express their feelings to the victims were Corporator Aslam Cyclewala, MLA of the same region Sangita Patil and Rajesh Desai.
The site inspection was also carried out. The tenements are at least 40 years old. Many have been repaired recently. But the function that was organized on Sunday is believed to be the reason for this incident. The extra rush on the ceiling due to the function could be the reason but the Municipal Commissioner ordered to check the stability of all the slabs over there.
Talks are in progress to provide the victims with compensation from the mayor fund.
The list of the injured and dead victims are given below.WhatsApp Image 2017-02-13 at 11.24.18 AM

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