Careless Car Driver Crashes into Auto-Rickshaw, Injures Three.

In Pal-Bhata Area of Surat, a Honda City car lost it’s controlled and collided with an auto-rickshaw full of passengers. The accident was so bad that the rickshaw was a complete wreck. The accident happened on Friday noon. After the incident, people gathered around and 108 was called for the injured. The health of rickshaw driver is critical and was immediately admitted to the Civil hospital.
The EMT said that when we arrived at the accident site, there were three people lying on the road who were injured. They all were a victim of rash driving of Honda City driver. The people dragged the driver out. The car was also smashed badly and the bumper was dislodged from the car.
One of the victims, Sachin Bala saheb Lokhande who is under treatment in Civil Hospital said that he is working in L&T Company as a manager and his friend Sunil Harsh also a Deputy General manager in the same company hired the auto from their company gate to reach surat railway station. When they reached near Batha, a Honda Civic came crashing on the Auto-Rickshaw. All of the three were injured badly.

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