car caught fire at kamraj

A car caught fire near the crematorium in the open village of Kamraj Taluka on Kamaraj Friday. On the old bridge of Tapi river on the old bridge of Tapi river, open fire on the old bridge of Maruti STM car (number SH 12 DI8349), located at Mumbai Nala sopara, near the open pitchers, opened fire on a short circuit. At 1.30 pm, the car was burned down in a fire. When the car was rescued three people were saved .
Locals said that the car was passing through the small bridge under Kamraj. Suddenly the driver of the car got out of the smoke and his friend got out of use using time. Then there was a sudden fire in the car. The crowd gathered around the crowd. And in view of the car, the car was burnt to the eyes of the people. Due to the fire in the car near the crematorium of the opening, the fear of the people was so widespread.


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