Buffalo hit to Karnavati Express in Surat

We have recently witnessed the event of Buffalo hit to Spice Jet at STV and its outcomes. Many Air Companies have stopped their operations at STV.  After the continuous efforts by our leaders and members of  WWWAS;  many air companies are about to start their operations at STV.

And Similar incident happened to Karnavati Express yesterday between Sachin and Bhestan in Surat. Train was running toward Ahmadabad from Mumbai. Meanwhile near Bhestan after crossing Sachin Station; A buffalo hit to Train Engine so bad that it made the Engine fail. After the necessary inspection by Guard and driver; they informed to the control room and Surat station. There was damage in vacuum pipe.The train was all set to its destination after changing the engine immediately. It took one and half hour for processing.

Three buffalo hitting incidents are happened in Surat.

1. STV

2.  At Udhana station with Rajdhani Express

3. With Karnavati Express

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