Once again BRTS strikes, Victim Hospitalized

In yet another incident, BRTS bus collides with the Motorcyclist. The situation of Motorcyclist was serious and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The Agitated Mob near the accident area started throwing stones on the bus and Meanwhile, the Bus driver fled off the scene.

In the Unn Area of Surat, a youth on a motorcycle was driving on the road when a BRTS bus with full speed collided with him. He was thrown off from the motorcycle and was seriously injured. The Motorcycle was also damaged as it was trapped under the bus. The driver of the BRTS bus fled the scene and the crowd around the Incident area started throwing of stone, to show their frustration about this BRTS incident. Meanwhile, Police reached there and took control of the Bus which was almost destroyed due to the Stone Pelting. The Police are searching for the Driver.


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