New Bournvita biscuits to launch in India

After yummy Oreo which was brought in Indian market in 2011, Mondelez India launches Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits.

India’s much-loved malted beverage Bournvita announced the launch of a new morning biscuit brand, Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits. Hitting shelves starting May 1, it is second brand in the biscuits category in India.

Here are some qualities of New Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits :

1. Bournvita biscuits is targetted to the morning occasion, when 45 per cent of biscuits are consumed.

2. Bournvita Biscuits are a great combination of taste and nutrition.

3. These Biscuits have the signature crunchy texture and chocolaty taste of Bournvita.

4. Bournvita Biscuits are enriched with Bournvita ProHealth Vitamins (B2, B9, B12 and D)

5. Contains 15% of RDA (recommended dietary allowance) requirement for B2, B9, B12 and D

Priced at Rs 10 and Rs 25, Bournvita Biscuits are pitched for morning snacks and would be available on shelves from May.

Chandramouli Venkatesan, managing director of Mondelez India Foods says the product is targeted at biscuit consumption in the morning, adding, it will perfectly complement the company’s much-loved morning beverage, Bournvita.

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