At nearby Bhatar Char rasta, mother, son and daughter was hit by a bike rider after that the car crushed them and they were badly injured. Due to which all the three was moved to Civil Hospital with a view to treatment. CCTV footage was leaked out.

In begampura area, near the kuberji market Mrs. Hinaben Rameshbhai Patel (rajwadi 30) lives with the family. She does the household work for living. On 15th of March, Mrs. Heenaben was going to bhatar for the household work along with her daughter dipti and son taurn.  They were crossing the road when the bike rider hit them and they were then badly crushed by the car (GJ-05-JD-3789) and was injured badly.

Bike rider’s trio had escaped from the incidence and the driver of car has also escaped due to the serious case. The three injured were shifted to Civil Hospital with a view to immediate treatment. Son and daughter were given a common condition and was discharged. While the mother is in fragile condition and currently under treatment.

The incident later was reported to the police station .However, then the family was alleged to have been ill-treated by the police.

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