In kapodara area in Surat,  the bike accident occurred after the collision with  three unknown people and  the bike riders killed diamond employee with a knife. He was immediately sent to the Hospital but, doctors declared him dead.

After the assassination of the Diamond Employee in the late-night crowds was gathered at the spot. After reporting the incident to police, the kapodra Police officers , DCP & ACP immediately rushed to the spot.

The police informed that Mr. Rameshbhai Kanitbhai Akbari was working in the Gajera Diamond Company as a diamond employee  and having a family of 2 children and wife.

On, Wednesday late evening he visited his uncle’s shop. During those hours near the Kargil Chowk , Bhagwati  society in the traffic he collides with with 3 unknown people and hit with a bike in the traffic and  they escaped a deadly attack with a knife on Mr. Rameshbhai  due to an argument .

There was a huge chaos and police officers rushed to the spot immediately and the injured person was then moved to a private Hospital ,where recently he has been found to be in a very serious condition.


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