Beware Surties: You May Get Arrested And Fined For Fighting on The Road

Keep that road rage in check. Street tantrums will no longer be allowed, and traffic cops promise that furious drivers who park at random and hold up traffic will be marched off to the nearest police station and booked for committing affray.

Last Friday , when policemen at the traffic management centre saw their screens come alive with two car passengers and a biker squabbling on the road near the busy KR Puram junction,Bengaluru; they didn’t break up the fight. Instead, they arrested them, picked up the drivers and took them to their law and order counterparts, to be charged and taken to court. The drama was going on in the middle of the road, during peak hour traffic.

“It was around 10am Friday, near the Tin Factory in KR Puram, where heavy traffic flows in from the Inner Ring Road. They blocked traffic for a long time, so we sent our officers,” said MA Saleem, additional commissioner of police, traffic.

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