Babasaheb Ambedkar statue contemptuous slapped

Few days ago, in Surat Babasaheb Ambedkar statues contemptuous slap by some person and the video was viral. After that in Surat city, the antisocial incident occurred and the bus was set on fire.

Also the incident come to the limelight that last night that more than 20 group of people were  mob and robbed which were based in UP. So that the police had set up an intensive settlement bhatar area.
The UP based residents in anger aimed at anti-social living in area of  bhatar was assaulted last night around 9.30 pm to laundry and vegetable sellers.

The assaulter  roaming along with wooden arms and some of the equipment, living in bhatar azadnagar in Somnath society Mr. Suresh lalaji patel, Mr. Udayraj shri harishchandra patel. was assaulted. While the laundry workers Mr, rajbhadur somnath patel and baidhnath patel were assaulted.

In bhatar in indiaranagar, vishwakarma society created the atmosphere of fear was created by mob of 20 to 25 people. And targeting the women when people reacted the mobs escaped from the situation.On the other hand, informing the khatodra police, the police immediately take control over the situation.

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