Attack on two workers by knife


Four people came on two bikes and attacked two line man of Vision Cable situated near Limbayat Nilgiri. Two workers who were seriously injured were instantly taken to SMIMER hospital. The main reason behind the attack is believed to be the accident of bikes.

The whole incident is captured in installed CCTV in the area. Based on the footage police has initiated the investigation. Mukeshbhai Nadar reported that injured men Rajesh Jadav and Ramakant were working in Vision Cable. There was an accident with bike near their office and a little brawl between the two bikers. Because of this incident the unknown bikes attacked on Rajesh and Ramakant with knife
On Wednesday noon during attack Rajesh was injured seriously and Ramakant tried to flee away from the site, but he was also attacked by throwing knife injuring his legs. Ramakant was not seriously injured.

CCTV footage:-

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