Armed police head quarters in Surat, Gujarat’s largest, features

Surat: Smart City Surat city police headquarters in the next one or two weeks short of the police headquarter will be employed.

This has been the headquarter facilities that can fly more than 100 SRP

Athavalainsa Steel has been given to all the features of the new police head quarters from the elevators. Special headquarter was built in the strong room of the second floor to keep weapons. In addition to the third floor has been the feature might have been more than 100 personnel, with a SRP. So now the police are headquartered abroad, to the discomfort of the SRP had to stay in it.

New Crime Branch Office

Dumas would have bhimaporamam Airport Police Station

The Home Ministry has given majunri new 3 police stations. Having just watched wait to start working, so is Grant. Including Dumas, dindoli and Sachin police. Sachin will be a new construction and demolition dindoli police station. Is. Dumas police station to be made only in the soil of all the numbers -31 bhimaporamam. – Teen R Maheshwari, karyapalaka Engineer Gujarat State Police Housing Corporation

Police headquarters, athavalainsa

Ground Floor: Wireless PI rooms, bombs skovoda company to E from a wireless store, wireless service and repairing, wireless carjiga room, guard room, battery, wash and service rooms

First floor: office ACP, DCP rank of Joint CP office, pantry, kopharansa Hall, DCP edaministreta office, oesa Office (Office supindentara), RPI staff and store rooms, RPI Cabin

Second floor: weapons store room, kalotha store, Bell and Arms
third floor: SRP can not be more than 100 Rest room, waiting lounge, Head Quarter kostriga

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