A Youth Comes Back to Life from Deathbed in Surat.

The last ritual was to be carried out on a youth residing in Surat, who was declared dead by doctors at the hospital. But to everyone’s surprise, he rose from the death bed to live again. However, he is admitted to the hospital for further medical attention and would be discharged within few days.

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Manoj Wagh, an Officer in Rural Traffic Brigade, Surat was admitted to Burani hospital in front of Mahidarpura Police Station, when he complained of a severe pain in stomach. He was treated for 12 days and then doctors at the hospital said that he will die when they will take him off the machine. After 12 days he was brought home after taking him off the machine. Assuming Manoj was dead, relatives call the doctor from the neighborhood for the death certificate. A weak pulse was found by the doctor and Manoj was found alive. Everyone was delighted to hear the good news as well shocked to the core.

Amol (Manoj’s Brother) said that they have mortgaged their house for the treatment of Manoj. When they heard that he was alive, they took him at the SMIMER hospital. He is now walking freely like nothing had happened to him. Everyone in the family is joyful.
Jayshriben(Manoj’s Mother)said that we are very content with news when we heard that my son was alive.
On the other many questions are raised against the doctor who had diagnosed Manoj. Many arguments are made against the officials at hospitals.
But all in all the Family of Manoj are very happy to have their son returned to life back from death.


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