A Well-Known Politician Demands Ertiga Car and 11 lakhs in Cash as Dowry.

“All of the members in our family likes your daughter, so pay us 11 lakhs in cash and one Ertiga diesel car or else marriage would be canceled.” said a well-known politician of the city. The Community of Brahmins from the UP to which this politician belongs were upset. He said that for society I am a powerful and respected politician and I would receive a ticket to fight the next election of VidhanSabha. So I will cancel this whole marriage. An audio clip regarding this incident is viral on social media.
The father of the bride, requesting anonymity provided information about this incident. That the boy’s family had come to Mumbai where the bride and her family resides. The engagement was performed 31st July at the Mumbai with permission of both the family. The politician’s son posted the photo of him with his to be wife on social media saying that Lakshmi is arriving my home.
However, Politician didn’t receive the phone for next three days after engagement so bride’s father came all the way from Mumbai to meet him. During that politician demanded an Innova car and 15 lakhs in cash as dowry. After some negotiations dowry was fixed to 11 lakhs in cash and an Ertiga car. The marriage was fixed and invitation cards were printed.
The boy again called to ask for the payment of his favorite car with check to one of the Palika’s Contractor. He messaged the quotation of his favourite car and said that the car will arrive in Mumbai and you will gift me the car during tilak ceremony. After this the marriage was called off.
This kind of incident brings shame to the society where people are trying to demolish the dowry system and the social program likes BETI BACHAO has been carried out by government and the politicians are trying to profit from dowry.

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