A Surti Home Awarded As India’s Best Home


In the era of modernization; you will hardly find natural aspect in your home. Architect nowadays are tend to be western followers (May be demanded). But apart from all; Dr. Ashvin Vaghani From Piplod, Surat was looking for Natural aspect along with Modern designs. So he insisted Mr. Sanjay Ramani (Interior Designer) to include natural aspect with modern art.And Mr. Sanjay Ramani dis the same. Now the scene is that when you enter the home you will find Pegions, Sparrows and various birds along with Various Plants and Trees.

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“Dr. Ashwin was looking for Mordern touch with Natural aspects so I customized all the Natural aspects on wall, furniture and Interior and Gave it a Natural Look. And I am Nationally awarded for Such a Innovative Interior by India Architect And Builder Institute among 2000 Entries.” – Mr. Sanjay Ramani.

Lets have a Look on India’s best home.


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