A Pregnant Woman Stoles Purse from An Exhibition, Caught by CCTV.

The thief who stole a Purse on 13th February was discovered to be a Woman living in a posh area of Surat. Also, the female thief is the wife of an owner of Looms factory. She was caught on CCTV camera while she was stealing the purse from the Exhibition going in the Maheshwari Bhawan. The Owner of the Store from whom the Accused thief stole the purse tried to track the thief with CCTV. Bhavini Shah, the store owner tracked the Thief Ankita Agrawal with the help of 45 CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity of the Exhibition.

The irony of the whole situation is that the accused thief is six months pregnant. The Umra police took Ankita Agrawal into custody. However, they denied the coverage to media personals. However, it is also to be noted that she was also accused of stealing a purse from J.J.Art gallery in Parle Point on 17th February.

As per Source information it is said that there was approximately 70000/- cash in the purse. Have a look at CCTV footage.


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