Child Born with Hole in Stomach and Intestine Hanging out, Health to be Normal after Operation.

Naynaben Rathod gave birth to a child after two years of Marriage. A blissful incident of her life was converted to a fearful one. When the child was born there was a hole in child’s stomach and out of which intestine came out. The Doctors at CHC in Palsana where the child was born immediately shifted the child and the mother to the Civil Hospital. An Operation was carried out on the Child at the Civil Hospital. This type of Incident is rare.

Dr. Umesh Chaudhary said that today morning a child with a hole in the stomach and intestines coming out of it was admitted to the hospital. This type of incident is rare and the actual reason for this cannot be known perfectly. However, timely treatment can save the patient. And so is the case with the child, due to immediate treatment the child would be healthy soon. The report like weight and other things were normal and were a beneficial factor for doctors to operate on the child. The health of the child would return to normal as informed by doctors.

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