A Miraculous Survival, No Casualty Even Though Auto Rickshaw Overturns.

In the Pandesara region of Surat, a speeding Auto-Rickshaw collided with a Couple on Moped. The injured woman was rushed to the Civil hospital for the treatment with 108 ambulance service. Other passengers from the rickshaw and the youth from the Moped was saved miraculously in the Accident. The whole accident was recorded on the CCTV. In the footage, it can be clearly seen that couple was crossing the road from the wrong side and Auto-Rickshaw was coming in speedily. After seeing the moped, Auto-Driver tried to stop the Rickshaw by applying break immediately but the Auto over-turned.
People from the surrounding rushed to the site for assistance. Auto was immediately lifted up and 108 was called for immediate medical assistance. The injured victim was taken to Civil hospital for further treatment. A Major accident was avoided as no one was fatally injured.


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