A Middle Aged Guy Gets Injured During Demolition, Crowds Vandalizes JCB.

In the Vasirnagar near Mithi Khadi, Limbayat, a demolition was being carried out under the supervision of the police. Residents were seen protesting the demolition. A minor argument was going on between the police officers and the residents. However, the demolition process started and was going on. The demolition was carried on with the help of a J.C.B. during the demolition a wall fell on a Middle aged man. The Injured was Haneef Hussain Shaikh and he was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

After seeing this incident, the crowd started pelting stones on the JCB and the vehicles of Municipality. Vehicles were damaged extensively and more police force was called on the site for controlling the crowd. The family members of the injured Haneef were saying that the demolition was started without any prior notice. Due to this, my father was injured.


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