A Guy went Missing on 14th Feb, Decomposed Body Found after 12 days.

From Kamrej, two friends were going to Kadodara. On the road, a young girl asked for a lift. The girl sat on a motorcycle with two friends. They arrived in an open farmland at Jolva village.

The young woman then took the keys out of the bike and hide it under her blouse. The two friends were surprised to see this. However, six people came out of nowhere and started beating one friend. The other ran away from that place and directly came back to report others at his company OM SAI welding Company. The Colleagues of the Rajesh Roshan, the guy who was beaten in the Jolva village started searching for Rajesh in the Open farmland. But nor the Bike or Rajesh was to be seen anywhere.The friend who ran away from the village is Kanaiya and they were both going on 14th Feb to refill the gas bottle at Kadodara.

After 12 day’s a decomposed dead body was found and police started an investigation after registering the Complaint.

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